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Become a partner

Accompany a young sportswoman, persevering, ambitious and defending values of equality and respect for the environment.

About Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding offers powerful, inspiring images set against a backdrop of paradise-like landscapes that have recently attracted major companies such as Qatar Airways and Porsche. Powered only by the wind, kitesurfing is an environmentally-friendly sport.

  • Emphasize your attachment to the values conveyed by this sport: surpassing oneself, freedom and innovation.

  •  Enhance your image with an original, modern and inviting communication medium.

  •  Develop your social media presence with a young, sporty audience



Rapidly growing social media visibility:
   - Daily stories, weekly video or photo posts
   - Popular videos on Facebook with 10,000 views
   - Instagram: see Instagram

Regular appearances in traditional local media: radio, TV, newspapers, web (NC 1ère, Les Nouvelles Calédonniennes, etc.)

Global presence: 
   - Almost daily on spots in New Caledonia
   - In Europe, at competitions covered by the media
   - In Canada, through my collaboration with the FQK

Our Partnership

In return for your financial support, I offer you..:

- Publications mentioning you on social
  social networks.
- Production of images and videos for your promotional content.
- Display of your logo on my kites and boards
  for increased global visibility.
- Product placement on social networks.

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